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What Makes a Romance? Seven tips.


Fantastic advice from the Writer’s In The Storm blog, thank you for sharing!

Writers In The Storm Blog

Just a quick announcement – the winner of the drawing for the online course at Lawson Writer’s Academy is . . . Jamie Beck!

Writers in the Storm welcomes Shannon Donnelly to clarify what a book needs to land on the romance shelf. If your WIP a genre “fence-sitter” or if your romance could be shelved in another area, Shannon has answers and help.

by Shannon Donnelly

This recently came up on a message thread. A writer had her manuscript kicked back for not being a romance. I also just read a book recently that billed itself as paranormal romance, and while it was paranormal, it wasn’t a romance. Just what makes novel a romance?

The confusion comes in that you can have sex in your story, you can have a relationship in your story, but you still might not really have a romance novel. Why is this?

1-The most important…

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Cove Dreamin’


My new story is based in West Cornwall in the United Kingdom. I’m currently visualizing lots of wintry coves and wild seas! This is an image of Kynance Cove in Cornwall taken in January this year. I was lucky enough to stay in Cornwall for a few days giving me plenty of inspiration for at least one story!