Strangers In the Dark

Strangers in the Dark

For adults only.
A double bill of erotic romances from an exciting new author.
Strangers in the Dark – Sophie is enjoying the freedom of her first night out alone having left home just weeks before. She never imagined her evening would be transformed into a voyage of sexual discovery with a handsome stranger.
Stepping outside to get a breath of fresh air away from the sweaty heat and thumping music of the local bar, Sophie finds a quiet seat in the nearby play park when someone sits beside her, someone who seems to know just what she desires more than anything else. Things outside are about to get just as hot as they were inside.
A Chance Encounter – Vicky, hapless city girl, is totally out of place after accidentally arriving in a coastal village. It was meant to be spa break after split from her boyfriend. A dashing stranger seems determined to win her over after a disagreeable start. Will she be able to resist the growing urges inside her or is she fated to fall for a chance encounter?

The Russian


A romantic novella that will remind you what it’s like to truly love someone.
There isn’t much about working at a dental surgery that appeals to Lily. She’s overworked, stressed and underappreciated. When the door to the surgery opens and a new dentist walks in, Lily realises things might be about to change. Although shy and reserved, Lyov Pervak seems like me might be the perfect man for her.
The more Lily gets to know Lyov, the more she finds herself falling in love with the dark and mysterious Russian. On a works night out Lyov surprises Lily by kissing her, could this be true love after all?
Can she keep her feelings under control or will she give in to the yearning inside her?


“So Lils,” Louisa began. “We’ve had an officially shit day so Amy and I have decided alcohol is the only answer. You coming to the bar for a couple?”
Lily was desperate to talk. She rented a place alone and the thought of going home with all this going round her head would be torture.
“God yes.” She replied without a moment’s thought.
Lyov popped his head around the door to say goodbye. He was carrying a scuffed leather briefcase and had his coat slung over his shoulder.
“Lyov!” Louisa called. “Before you head off.” She moved towards him putting her arm around his shoulder clearly causing him huge amounts of discomfort. He politely gave her a half smile whilst not moving a muscle until the moment was over.
“You must come for a drink with us! How can you resist three lovely ladies like ourselves?”
Again his smile was purely for politeness.
“I don’t know. I have some work to do at home.”
“Oh come on!!” She shook him a little.
“Whatever it is Lyov, I’m positive it can wait,” Amy pitched in.
Finally poor Lyov relented. Lily was overjoyed, she hadn’t been able to talk about their moment together today but she at least had the opportunity to actually talk to him properly. Thank god she’d picked something nice to wear to work today.


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